Feel balanced — every day of the month.

Della is a health platform specifically designed to support women in achieving hormonal balance and maintaining ovarian health.

Hormone Imbalance - The Silent Epidemic

Hormonal imbalance affects millions of women, in fact most women suffer from some degree of hormonal imbalance at some point in their lives. 

Yet despite this, it is considered a taboo subject, too dangerous to discuss for fear of repercussions and judgement. This culture of silence only serves to perpetuate the stigma and makes it even harder for women to get the help and support they need. Instead, women are often neglected by healthcare and told to just “get on with it” in silence.

We think it’s time to break the taboo and start talking openly about hormonal imbalance. I hope you can join us, so that together, we can create a culture of support and help other women also navigate their health and find balance.


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“For years, I struggled with symptoms of hormone imbalance, which left me both depressed and isolated. At 27 I was diagnosed with PCOS, making the prospect of having a baby seem very far away.

When medication failed, I felt helpless. Desperate for answers, I started looking for natural alternatives to help reduce my symptoms and regulate my cycles. I changed my diet and lifestyle, and the efforts paid off. In 2018, Emily was born, followed by Luca in 2021.

The frustration of having to navigate and figure it all out on my own was the spark for creating Della, a platform dedicated to empowering women in managing hormonal imbalances naturally."

- Sofia, Co-founder of Della